Line Mulvad

I am an advocate for creating value through designing for users, by making technology, services and products adapt to humans and not the other way around. I have a solid experience working with methods in design research – gathering data about users as well as concept development, sketching and prototyping – translating data into design ideas.

I have specialised in the persona method through out my studies and my work at the Center for Persona Research and – Application. Drawing on my former background in theatre and acting I have developed the concept video-personas and conducted several studies on the topic. Furthermore I have specialised in ethnographic user studies and co-designing with users. By being part of the research project Give&Take my job has been to plan and facilitate design workshops and establish and run Living Labs with senior citizens.

I hold a master degree in Digital Design & Communication from the IT University of Copenhagen and have through the recent years worked as a researcher and consultant at research projects and – centers affiliated to the IT University of Copenhagen.



Design researcher at the project Give&Take – The IT University of Copenhagen

Consultant at Center for Personas Research & Aplication

Teaching assistant at the IT University of Copenhagen


Teacher and coordinator at  ‘Åben Træning’ – improv theatre classes


Receptionist/Sercretary  at BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Cand.IT – Digital Design and communication – The IT University of Copenhagen


B.Sc. – Digital Media and Design – The IT University of Copenhagen

Center for creativity and theatre Copenhagen – theatre and stage art 

Center for creativity and theatre Copenhagen – voice training

User Centered Design


User driven innovation


Interaction Design


Personas and Scenarios


Design research 


Concept development


Sketching & Prototyping


Co-design / co-creation


Qualitative research & Ethnography 


Workshop facilitation