project case partner: Stefans Kirken – Nørrebro
Project type: explorative research / installation project
Collaboration: Emilie Grambye-Jensen, Louise Jensen, and Morten Winther
Year: 2010

The Case

Prototyping an interactive digital installation in an open urban environment

My Role

Ideation, Concept design, Test set-up

The Challenge


How can churches be a part of the urban space?
Playful Prayer is a concept that seeks to bring attention to the presence of the church as an integrated part of the city area through playful interaction with the physical building and by the use of light and sound. By encouraging citizens to engage in a playful activity within the church area, we wished to expand the message of the church to reach outside the physical walls of the building. We would like to thank Stefanskirken at Nørrebrogade for allowing us to use their church as our playground.

Based on a prototype installation at the church scene, we explored how people would engage and reflect on the church as part of the city.