Playful Prayer

Playful Prayer is a concept that seeks to bring attention to the presence of the church as an integrated part of the city area through playful interaction with the physical building and by the use of light and sound. By encouraging citizens to engage in a playful activity within the church area, we wish to expand the message of the church to reach outside the physical walls of the building. We would like to thank Stefanskirken at Nørrebrogade for allowing us to use their church as our playground.

Playful Prayers begins in the trees in front of the church, where telephone receivers hang from the branches. The receivers are luring people through whispers like “Hey! Over here! I am just hanging here, pick me up, please!”. The receivers enable the users to record their own personal prayer for Nørrebro.

The concept fully outplays on the walls of the church. After users have recorded their prayers, random bricks will light up, to represent them. They can then go and press the brick to hear their prayer out loud. Initiating other bricks will either start other people’s prayers or play background music for the prayers. Thereby, the users can listen to each other’s prayers and at the same time play around with them, to make different samples. It is also possible to just start by playing with the bricks, without recording a prayer.

Based on a prototype installation at the church scene, we explored how people would engange and reflect on the church as part of the city.

This project is made in collaboration with Emilie Grambye-Jensen, Louise Jensen, and Morten Winther. Spring 2010