In this project I worked together with Digitaliseringsstyrelsen and SnitkerGroup exploring new ways to communicate and distribute the personas they had just made for I did two video portraits, bases on two of their written persona descriptions. Following the outcome of the videos were evaluated through interviews with stakeholders from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen and SnitkerGroup.

The study based on this project aims to search for new ways to create empathy for the user in a design process. Through an experiment with the personas and scenarios methods and the use of video and professional actors, it explores new ways of communicating the persona description. In the videos the actors let the personas become alive and we see them in their own settings.

The study suggests that video personas can work as a supplement to the written persona descriptions, but should not be seen as a replacement. By showing us walking and talking personas they can add another dimension of engagement. Through the actor we experience the scenario, by seeing their emotions and reactions and gain a deeper understanding of how it is to be in their shoes. Further the scenarios can provoke a discussion by raising the stakes and making the problems tangible by seeing them played out in flesh and blood.

For the video personas to be able to create real empathy for the user they must be convincing regarding trustworthy actors, persona descriptions based on valid data and a solid narrative with rich details. Hence this study has found it crucial that the video personas is created as cooperation between designer and actor, based on real data about the users and their issues.

You can read the full report on the study here (in danish): VideoPersonas_LineMulvad

The persona Amina prefers personal contact instead of the computer. She often gets insecure if she is doing it right and experience misunderstandings with the danish language. In this scenario she tries to apply for building licence to build a green house in her garden through

The persona Claus is familiar with digital self-service and prefers to get things done from the computer if possible. But he gets insecure if he does not get a confirmation that he has done it the right way. He often spend time on double checking his actions. In this scenario Claus has lost his wallet and tries to order a new drivers license and health insurance card online through