Concept development with Widex

“The worst thing that can happen by losing your eyesight is to lose contact with the surrounding world, but if you lose your hearing, you will lose contact with the human.”  (workshop participant)

During this project we worked with the hearing aid manufacturer Widex. Through meetings with Widex, we learned that it, on average, takes seven years to acknowledge a hearing loss. Therefore, we decided to work with the realisation phase of a hearing loss and make a hearing test more accessible. We worked with user driven innovation methods to develop new concepts for hearing tests. The final concept is a hearing test you can take at the optician while e.g. waiting in line. Glasses are fashionable, but hearing aid is much more tabooed. By placing a hearing test in a new setting, we hope to raise awareness on hearing loss and make people take the first step towards taking a hearing test.

To learn more about how it is to live with a hearing loss, we held a workshop with users of hearing aids, designers and employees from Widex. I facilitated the workshop were we had replace three professional actors play out small scenarios about acknowledge a hearing loss and the role of the workplace and family in this delicate situation. The scenarios was used as a method for conversation starter, ideation and co-creation.


Later, we conducted three scale and context tests in a café, a canteen on the tables and on the floor in the canteen to see how a hearing test was perceived in different settings.




This project was made in collaboration with Nina Mørk, Louise Jensen, Katrine Høvsgaard Nielsen, and Buster Nielsen.